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Product Operations Interns


◆  若欲申請此職缺,請填寫此表單:https://cardinalblue.com/jobs/...  ◆

For product management, learn how to create, market and support a popular software product. Some possible tasks include: user feedback interviews, app testing and bug reporting, user support, social media management, app store optimization (ASO), internationalization, app analytics.

For company operations, learn how to operate and grow a startup team, and improve the process and culture. Tasks include: office management, ordering supplies and equipment, bookkeeping, hosting meetups (for developers & designers), organizing team-building events, improving our software tools, and recruiting new talent.



•  產品測試

•  問題回報

•  公司營運管理



•  產品優化 (ASO/ Translation)

•  內外部活動策劃

•  辦公室設備管理

•  籌劃及執行使用者訪談

•  客戶服務

•  人力資源

•  社群經營

•  資料分析

◆  若欲申請此職缺,請填寫此表單:https://cardinalblue.com/jobs/...  ◆


• ​You love to try new products and seek to understand user behavior. • ​You learn fast, take initiative, and are not afraid to ask questions. • ​Creative thinking and analytical skills • ​Organized, efficient, observant, patient and committed. • ​Excellent communication skills in English. Additional languages are a plus! / • ​英文流利,善於表達 • ​擁有良好組織能力,做事有條理 • ​學習速度快,對不清楚的事勇於提問 • ​細心又有耐心,願意處理瑣碎事務 • ​主動積極,擁有高度的熱情! ▲ 加分條件 ▲ • ​熟悉各種外文,日文通過N2/N1檢定更加分! • ​善於觀察,是個點子王! • ​喜歡嘗試各類app,特別是照片及影片app


月薪 TWD 23,000 ~ 30,000

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Nextrek - 行銷&營運實習生

《工作內容》    1.使用者經驗(UX)資料蒐集:定期約訪使用者測試與紀錄。   2.規劃發想推廣產品的企劃。(文字或影片型式)   3.協助線下實體活動的規劃與執行。ex.產品說明會   4.協助測試改版產品,並提供產品修正意見。   5.必要時需協助行政事務。   6.一周至少能工作兩個整天或四個半天 Nextrek團隊擁抱自由開...

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