Machine Learning Engineer (Photo/ video effects, AI and VR)

Job Description

• Research cutting-edge image/video processing and machine learning concepts  

• Work with product managers to brainstorm cool, new product ideas!  

• Formulate problems, generate algorithms and experiment with solutions  

• Work with mobile engineers to implement algorithms into apps  

• Analyze analytics and talk with users to understand how to improve the algorithms  

• Reports directly to the CTO and CEO


• Wants to build fun and crazy products for millions of users! • Wants to work in a dynamic international team on challenging problems. • Has strong math and analytical abilities, but also an artistic side! • Is self-motivated and focused, but also creative and energetic. • Has experience with computer vision and machine learning projects (preferably at the MS/PhD level). • Has familiarity with OpenCV, MATLAB, C/C++, Python, Ruby. • Has strong communication skills, especially in English.


Per year TWD 800,000 ~ 1,400,000



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