Visual Design Intern

Job Description

  1. Prepare, execute, and slice design assets in a format acceptable for production. 
  2.  Assist design team on a wide range of visual design tasks ranging from content, to social media marketing, to administrative materials.
  3. Help with research and search for assets in different marketplaces which can be used for content creation. 
  4. Mock up and tweak creatives for marketing experiments. 

  1. 準備與製作設計素材並實際上架
  2. 協助設計團隊製作素材、社群媒體行銷等
  3. 協助開拓不同市場可能並尋找相關可用素材
  4. 參與行銷相關測試發想與製作


1. Proactive, enthusiastic, and passionate. 2. Detail oriented and fast paced. 3. Able to differentiate between various visual styles and create relevant assets. 4. Has a good understanding of American visual culture. 5. Open to design critique and quickly iterate designs based in response to feedback. 6. Proficient in English speaking and writing (ability to communicate with our Business Development team in the US). 7. Skilled with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sketch. 1. 積極,熱情又熱愛設計 2. 細心又有效率 3. 能夠辨別不同視覺風格並創造出相似素材 4. 充分了解美國視覺藝術與文化 5. 對於評論保持開放態度並且能夠快速做出改善 6. 英文流利,善於表達與書寫(與美國的同仁有溝通能力) 7. 精通Adobe Illustrator、Photoshop與Sketch等設計工具 若欲申請此職缺: 1. 請投遞履歷至CakeResume 2. 請填寫此表單:

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