Backend Server Developer (Rails)

Job Description

1. Daily scrum and backend development
2. Learn different technologies that is used in production
3. Improve server performance
4. Co-work with iOS/Android team. Support client feature development.
5. Setup Admin panel tools
6. Monitor and maintain website status

1. 參與 daily scrum 與產品開發討論
2. 學習不同已經使用在上線產品的工具
3. 和 iOS/Android team 緊密合作,支援功能開發
4. 建置後台工具,協助社群內容與資料庫管理
5. 網站狀態監控與維護


1. Experience working on web service development (Any programming language or framework is okay but for your information, we use Ruby on Rails) 2. Familiar with source code management through Git 3. Good at collaboration and communication 4. Professional working proficiency or above in English 5. Has logical thinking and patience with trivial tasks 6. Has hunger to learn new skills, curiosity for new things, and passion. ▲It'd be nice if you... - Familiar with Ruby on Rails - Understanding PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached - Experienced in Heroku, AWS or other Cloud Platform - Familiar with Html/CSS/Javascript and Responsive Website Design" 1. 有開發過網路服務的經驗(任何語言或框架皆可,提供你參考,我們使用Ruby on Rails開發我們的服務) 2. 熟悉Git 軟體版本控管 3. 擅長與他人協作及溝通協調 4. 英文能力滿足工作內容溝通或更佳 5. 邏輯佳,具備耐心面對繁瑣的開發任務 6. 樂於學習新技術,對新事物充滿好奇且擁有高度的熱情 :) ▲加分條件 - 熟悉 Ruby on Rails - 瞭解 PostgreSQL,Redis, Memcached等工具 - 有使用 Heroku, AWS 或其他 Cloud Platform 的經驗 - 熟悉 Html / CSS / Javascript以及響應式網站設計 若欲申請此職缺: 1. 請投遞履歷至CakeResume 2. 請填寫此表單:

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