Senior Android Developer

Job Description

1. Involving daily scrum and product development discussion.
2. No lonely battle! You'll collaborate with designers and server developer for new features.
3. Assist testing and bug fixes.

薪資:年薪 850K~1400K/ 年


We would like you are the person who... 1. Loves to play and explore and is creative. 2. Speaks english fluently. 3. Has hacker mindset and enjoy working and life. 4. Thrills in exploring and learning, and shares with team to become better us. Skills that are essential... 1. Experiences in Android development. 2. Familiar with Java, Object-Oriented Programming, Network programming, Multithread programming and Data Structure. 3. Familiar with Git. 4. Understand Android UI design, including Android View components and Layout. 5. Be able to implement Material UI compoenents. Other great things Your side projects, Android libraries or released App. (Provide app store link if any) Knowning the way Startup works and the working environment Experiences in tuning Android Rendering Performance Passionate about Android! Finishing every Google I/O videos is just piece of cake. Never be afraid of tracing into very detail, even dig into Android framework for a bug. Bugs from various brands and devices will never terrify you. Dislike Android Fragment because of its heisenbugs. Adopt TDD/BDD flow into product.



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