Operations Manager

Job Description

1. Financial:

  •  Handle bookkeeping, monthly payroll and generate monthly financial reports
  •  Communicate with both our US and TW accountants for tax filing, and combining the respective financial statements
  •  Prepare and control operational budgets, and plan effective strategies to maintain and boost profitability

2. Recruiting: 

  • Manage recruiting process
  • Possess exceptional interpersonal skills and judgment

3. Company:

  • Office management and maintenance
  • Event planning and hosting
  • Complete ad hoc requests and special projects

1. 財務

  • 處理簿記、每月支薪及製作月報
  • 與台灣及美國會計師接洽,合併雙方財報
  • 管理並控制經營預算,規劃收益策略

2. 招募

  • 管理人力招募流程
  • 洞悉個人特質及能力

3. 辦公室

  • 辦公室維護及管理
  • 舉辦及主持活動
  • 其他臨時交辦項目及專案


1. Has the ability to see the bigger picture - be thoughtful about the end result, rather than just the task; eliminate obstacles, and provide motivation to excel and work with the team to build a great company 2. Is independent, self-motivated and adaptable with a “whatever it takes” attitude 3. Has strong problem-solving, and analytical skills and the ability to balance multiple tasks simultaneously is able to work and learn in a fast-paced environment 4. Basic accounting knowledge and be proficient in MS Excel, and Google Docs 5. Excellent in both English and Chinese reading and writing, especially finance-related terms. ▲ It’d be nice if you have... - A Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in finance, statistics, economics, or accounting. - Experience managing a small team or leading any given project. - Experience handling Taiwan and/or US payroll and tax filing. 1. 具有縝密思考且排除困難的積極性格 2. 獨立、主動自發、適應力強 3. 具有優秀的分析及問題解決能力,可同步處理多項工作 4. 可於快步調的環境下工作與學習 5. 具有基礎的會計知識 6. 熟稔MS Office及Google文件 7. 精通中英文,尤其財金相關用語 ▲加分條件 - 有學士學位,財金、統計、經濟、會計相關科系尤佳 - 有管理小組與領導專案的經驗 - 有處理台灣或美國薪資支付及所得稅經驗


Per year TWD 500,000 ~ 1,000,000



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