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Senior Mobile Developer (iOS & Android)


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•  Develop, document, debug, and deliver code.

•  Work closely with product managers, designers and developers on sprints.

•  Seek out new technologies and improve our processes (refactoring, testing, deployment).

•  Take part in creative exploration on new features and new apps

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• You are good at analytical problem-solving and have excellent communication skills. • You have built some interesting projects on your own for fun. • Familiar with computer science and scrum/agile methodology. • Extensive experience with native mobile development (Objective-C/Swift for iOS, and Java/Kotlin for Android) and mobile UI implementation. • Highly desirable: experience with OpenGL, OpenCV and video processing.


年薪 TWD 1,000,000 ~ 2,000,000

PicCollage 拼貼趣的其他職缺

Visual Design Intern

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Magic Algorithms Engineer (Photo/ video effects, AI and VR)

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Backend Server Developer (Rails)

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Developer Interns (iOS/ Android/ Rails/ AI/ VR)

◆  若欲申請此職缺,請填寫此表單: https://cardinalblue.com/jobs/...  ◆[iOS] • You will work on PicCollage.• Work on new iOS apps too (e.g. related to video and augmented reality)[Android]• Y...

Product Operations Interns

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若森MoshiMori - 客戶經理 (兼職 - 台中)

負責若森平台之市場開發與維繫,與新客戶和現有客戶發展長期合作關係,協助客戶成長,包含: 1. 前期開發|尋找潛在客戶,於客戶端介紹產品,以專業角度來提供商品銷售建議、效益分析,了解客戶需求同時搜集市場回饋。 2. 產品導入|協助客戶導入系統相關工作,包含啟用系統、使用教學、協助操作等。 3. 售後服務與追蹤|協助客戶問題排查,追蹤客戶使用情況與記錄...

ucfunnel - Android Engineer

Strong Java programming/debugging skillsAbility to develop the App independently, and enjoy team work experienceWell knowledge of web service and experience on mobile/cloud API ...