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Developer Intern (iOS/ Rails/ Machine Learning& Computer Vision)

Job Description

1. iOS Developer Intern

- Join the development of our iOS app, which has been downloaded over 100 million times!
- Help improve our iOS development process (e.g. with tests and continuous integration)
- Have the chance to work on different fun hack projects (e.g. games, video, chat, VR)

2. Server Developer Intern

- Have chances to be involved in fun projects like, Chatbot and data visualization
- Build and maintain features shipped to our live products.
- Learn what the daily life is of a PicCollage server engineer, including how we manage projects/features, how we do code review

3. Machine Learning& Computer Vision Intern

- Research cutting-edge machine learning techniques and apply them to design exciting mobile features.
- Quickly prototype simple machine learning models to demonstrate your ideas.
- Collaborate with the product and developer team to push new features to production
- Reports directly to CTO and CEO

1. iOS實習生

- 協助PicCollage功能開發與維護
- 學習與改善iOS專案開發流程 (Test, Continuous Integration)
- 腦力激盪,開發其他有趣的專案

2.  後端網站實習生

- 有機會參與各種有趣的專案,例如聊天機器人或資料視覺化
- 開發和維護公司已經上線的產品功能
- 了解我們如何進行專案開發,程式品質控管以及PicCollage後端工程師的日常生活

3. 機器學習/ 計算機視覺實習生

- 研究最先進的機器學習技術並實際運用於行動裝置功能
- 快速設計機器學習模型以呈現你的想法
- 與產品及工程開發部門合作,推出最新產品功能


1. iOS Developer Intern - Has iOS app development experience and knowledge of Obj-C and Swift. - Familiar with object-oriented programming, data structures, scrum method, Git version control. - Proactive, always learning, team-oriented and enjoys challenges. 2. Server Developer Intern - Has experience in building dynamic websites with any framework, even a self-written one. For your information, we use Ruby on Rails - Likes to explore new technologies - Can communicate in English because we have people of different nationality. - Is proactive in learning and asking 3. Machine Learning/ Computer Vision Intern - Knows how to use at least one machine learning framework (tensorflow, pytorch, caffe...) - Has experience manipulating/exploring data, in a personal project - Likes to understand the main ideas of new machine learning papers - Can work independently, take initiatives, in a team work environment ▲It'd be nice if you... - Are proactive, curious and love learning! - Are good at problem solving - Have experience in building your own projects - Are looking for a long-term internship :) (Short-term is okay, too!) 1. iOS 實習生 - iOS app 開發經驗 - 具備Objetive-C, Object-Oriented Programming 基本概念 - 熟悉iOS UI framework - 獨立思考, 團隊合作 - 熱於實作的行動派 - 主動學習,勇於挑戰 ▲加分條件 - Swift 開發相關經驗 - Git 版本控管經驗 2. 後端網站實習生 - 使用任何框架(自己寫的也很酷)開發過動態網頁。我們用的是Ruby on Rails - 喜歡探索新的技術 - 能用英文跟不同國家的同事溝通 - 主動學習,不害怕問問題 3. 機器學習/計算機視覺實習生 - 會使用任何你熟悉甚至你自己開發的 ML 架構 (TensorFlow, Torch, Caffe) - 在自己的專案中有操作、開發資訊的經驗 - 喜歡研究機器學習相關報導的Main Ideas - 在團隊工作環境中可以獨立執行工作內容 ▲ 加分條件 1. 有自己的 side project 或已上架作品 2. 對 startup 的營運模式或環境有所瞭解 3. 腦袋像爆米花機一樣不斷蹦出新點子 4. 科技狂!對新科技技術有種無法言喻的熱情

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