Android Developer

Job Description

1. Involving daily scrum and product development discussion.
2. No lonely battle! You'll collaborate with designers and server developer for new features.
3. Assist testing and bug fixes.
4. We would like you are the person who
5. Loves to play and explore and is creative.
6. Speaks english fluently.
7. Has hacker mindset and enjoy working and life.
8. Thrills in exploring and learning, and shares with team to become better us

1. 負責主要產品 PicCollage 拼貼趣的開發與維護,用 scrum 的方式來追蹤進度,每週推出新版本
2. 用 Trello 和 GitHub 來追蹤開發狀況,並用 Jenkins 部署新版 app (如果有更適合的工具我們也都樂意嘗試 !)
3. 撰寫 Unit/Integration Test Cases(單元及整合測試),我們很重視軟體的穩定度
4. 不只是接收別人給的 request,也能一起參與產品構想與開發討論
5. 與其他工程師們密切合作,包含後端伺服器的 API 串接及演算法函式庫的整合
6. 與其他公司夥伴合作,體驗及測試各式各樣的 API 和 SDK (對了!我們在2016年的 Google IO 是 Google Firebase 的 Launch Partner:
7. 各種新想法與技術的探索!除了 PicCollage 以外,也一起開發各種 side apps 測試新市場機會


1. Experiences in Android development. 2. Familiar with Java, Object-Oriented Programming, Network programming, Multithread programming and Data Structure. 3. Familiar with Git. 4. Understand Android UI design, including Android View components and Layout. 5. Be able to implement Material UI components. ▲It would be nice if you… - Your side projects, Android libraries or released App. (Provide app store link if any) - Knowing the way Startup works and the working environment - Experiences in tuning Android Rendering Performance - Passionate about Android! Finishing every Google I/O videos is just piece of cake. - Never be afraid of tracing into very detail, even dig into Android framework for a bug. - Bugs from various brands and devices will never terrify you. - Dislike Android Fragment because of its heisenbugs. - Adopt TDD/BDD flow into product. 1. 擁有 Android 開發實務經驗 2. 熟悉 Java, Git, Object-Oriented Programming, Networking, Multithreading 以及各種基本的資料結構 3. 熟悉 Android UI 設計 (包含 view components, layout 和能實作出各種 material design 的 components 4. 能夠處理各種廠牌及裝置產生的 bug ▲ 加分條件 1. 有自己的 side project,已上架作品或者自己出品的 Android Library 2. 有調校 Android Rendering Performance 的經驗 3. Android 狂熱!每年都會把 Google IO 的相關影片看完一遍 4. 曾經追 bug 追到 Android Framework 裡 orz 5. 曾經踩到 Fragment 的雷而開始討厭 Fragment 6. 幫自己的產品導入 Test Case,甚至採用 TDD / BDD 開發流程


Per year TWD 850,000 ~ 1,400,000



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