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Oct 2nd 2023

Virtual Career Fair CakeResume 2023 Sukses Digelar, Intip Keramaian Acara Disini!

CakeResume kali ini hadir membawakan acara Virtual Career Fair CakeResume 2023 dengan tema "Connecting Talents and Companies for a Better Future" pada 26 Juni hingga 1 September 2023.

Flight Attendant Cover Letter Guideline: Your Gateway to the Skies [+Template]

A well-written flight attendant cover letter will help you stand out during the hiring process. Read to learn how to write a cover letter for a flight attendant position.

Team Leader Cover Letter: Writing Guideline, Examples and Ready-to-Use Template

Recruiters expect to see why you're the right fit when applying for a team leader position. Check out our writing guidelines to put together a professional team leader cover letter in a jiffy!
Career Development
Sep 28th 2023

Top 5 Highest Paid Jobs in the Current Market 2023 - 2024

Looking to achieve financial freedom? Check out the top 5 highest paying jobs in the current market, along with the necessary skills and qualifications.
Career Development
Sep 27th 2023

Cách tạo profile trên LinkedIn để tìm việc làm nhanh chóng

Tìm hiểu ngay LinkedIn là gì và các cách tìm việc trên LinkedIn - mạng xã hội dành cho người đi làm với hơn 700 triệu người dùng trên thế giới.
Career Development
Sep 27th 2023

Canva là gì? Tạo CV online trên Canva có ưu nhược điểm gì?

Canva là gì mà ngày nay chúng ta đều nghe qua. Học cách sử dụng Canva giúp newbie dễ dàng tạo ra các tác phẩm độc đáo, đồng thời có thêm kỹ năng chuyên môn trong CV!
Job Search Tips
Sep 24th 2023

10 Best Jobs for People with ADHD [+ Tips in Job Hunting]

It can be tricky to find suitable jobs for people with ADHD. Read on to uncover the best working environments for people with ADHD, what jobs are good for people with ADHD and why, and tips to find good careers for people with ADHD.
Job Search Tips
Sep 25th 2023

How to Find Part-time Jobs As an International Student in Taiwan

Are you an international student studying in Taiwan and looking for part-time job opportunities? Read to learn more about how to find and land a part-time job in Taiwan!
Career Development
Sep 25th 2023

How to Refer Someone for a Job in 4 Steps [Email Examples + Templates Included]

You may be asked to write a job referral letter for your friend or former colleagues. If you don't know where to start, read this article to learn how to refer someone for a job in four simple steps.

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