Ninja Backend Developer

Job Description

1. Architect and implement features for the Umbo web services focusing on backend related implementations


1. Experience in at least one programing language. (e.g. Javascript, C++, Python, Golang etc.) 2. Experience with database-backend web applications, including schema development and scaling issues 3. Experience or familiar with CI, CD and DevOps concept 4. Experience with cloud service. (ideally AWS) Plus 1. Performance tuning (database, backend service) 2. Knowledge of how to deal with HA / DR 3. Proficient in data structures and algorithms 4. Familiar with MongoDB / AWS DynamoDB or other types of databases



Other Jobs at Umbo CV Inc.

Oddball Computer Vision / Machine Learning Wizard

1. Develop and implement vision algorithms to power Umbo camera's “smart” features

Ninja Front-End Developer (Web)

Architect and implement features for the Umbo web services focusing on front-end related implementations.

Quality Assurance (Hardware / Software)

1. Make sure the product is of highest quality and performance

UI/UX Design Genie

This is a position for experienced candidate with excellent grasp in UX and UI design for web and mobile applications. Take product ideas and make them user-friendly, ergonomic ...

Technical Support Engineer (Spanish/English)

Primarily phone and email support with occasional onsite support for business clients and company exhibitions

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