Sales Representative


Job Description

Work Duty
1. Develop new business with distributor, reseller or system integrator to promote SkyREC

2. Actively and successfully manage the sales process from lead generation to signing agreements, negotiations, closing deals, training, market research and assisting the account management team

3. Present SkyREC to potential clients through direct communication, concall meeting, face-to-face meetings, calling and emails

4. Create and be accountable for client proposals, contracts and any further documentation with the assistance of Senior Business Development Associates

5. Create sales/marketing strategies based on the requirement from diverse markets, and prepare for materials including slide, flyer, brochure, technical document and video.


Requirement 1. Target-driven 2. Fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese or Korean 3. Team player (respect others) 4. Capable of communicating effectively 5. Aggressive, ambitious, determined and full of execution 6. Available for at least 3 days a week, and stay with us for at least 6 months 7. Eager to find the solution whatever it takes when you're assigned with missions


40K ~ 50K TWD/month



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About us

SkyREC 是一個以強力研發技術為背景並且想要運用這項武器改變世界的團隊。以 15 年影像處理的經驗與技術,為實體零售業者量身打造專屬的大數據商情分析系統。 在電子商務異軍突起的現在,如何以「科學測量法得到更加客觀的商業數據」成為零售業們的一大考驗。傳統做法都是透過資深...

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