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Visual Design Intern

Job Description

•  Prepare, execute, and slice design assets in a format acceptable for production. 

•  Assist design team on a wide range of visual design tasks ranging from content, to social media marketing, to administrative materials.
•  Help with research and search for assets in different marketplaces which can be used for content creation.
•  Mock up and tweak creatives for marketing experiments.


•  準備與製作設計素材並實際上架
•  協助設計團隊製作素材、社群媒體行銷等
•  協助開拓不同市場可能並尋找相關可用素材
•  參與行銷相關測試發想與製作


• Proactive, enthusiastic, and passionate. • Detail oriented and fast paced. • Able to differentiate between various visual styles and create relevant assets. • Has a good understanding of American visual culture. • Open to design critique and quickly iterate designs based in response to feedback. • Proficient in English speaking and writing (ability to communicate with our team members in the US). • Skilled with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sketch. / • 積極,熱情又熱愛設計 • 細心又有效率 • 能夠辨別不同視覺風格並創造出相似素材 • 充分了解美國視覺藝術與文化 • 對於評論保持開放態度並且能夠快速做出改善 • 英文流利,善於表達與書寫(與美國的同仁有溝通能力) • 精通Adobe Illustrator、Photoshop與Sketch等設計工具 ◆ 若欲申請此職缺,請填寫此表單:https://cardinalblue.com/jobs/visual_design_intern


Monthly TWD 23,000 ~ 30,000



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