Product Engineering Intern

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As a Operations Engineering Intern, you will help on both operations and product:

Operations - Improve our process on operations by using scripts to automate the routine and administrative tasks. 
Product - You will help improve our product by running queries and doing data analysis.

You will collaborate with engineers, designers, product managers and business team members on various problems related to our product, business goals and process. You will observe and recommend process re-design, implement changes, as well as apply analytics and statistics to study user behavior, analyze experiments and make recommendations on product decisions.


  • Identify problems in operational process, and develop strategies to improve operational efficiency, including automating routine tasks, generating reports and running analysis.
  • Perform various analysis of user data and provide ongoing reports.
  • Work with different teams to identify questions and prioritize information needs.

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Qualifications: - Have experience with Python, Ruby or Pandas. - Familiar with git and good coding practices. - Know how to use statistical software (e.g., R, Julia, MATLAB) and databases (e.g., SQL) - Be proactive, learn fast, and be not afraid to ask questions. - Passionate about products, data and improving operations process. - Familiar with Google Spreadsheets, Excel, and other analytical tools. ** Note that we prefer that interns can work at least three days a week (during the academic year) and for a period of time lasting at least 3 months. **


23K ~ 40K TWD /





PicCollage 拼貼趣

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嗨!我們是來自矽谷的新創團隊 PicCollage 拼貼趣,主要產品『PicCollage』是一個追求自由創造及分享的照片拼貼app,主要使用者來自美國、英國及日本等國家。目前全球下載量已突破兩億,並曾在數十個國家榮登照相類app前十名! PicCollage 拼貼趣 是一支擁抱自由創造、擁抱差異與多元文化,致力於打造『開放、學習、分享』的工作環境。 我們使用友善的設計及嚴謹的軟體技術, 也積極開發 3D、AR/VR、Machine Learning 相關科技,讓人們用創意拼貼生活中值得分享的時刻。 歡迎各方高手與我們一起創造下個破億下載量的產品,為世界帶來趣味! We're looking for someone who - loves product and cares about users. - can balance workmanship with the ability to get things done quickly. - is open-minded, curious, communicative and ethical. - is a self-motivated hard-working, fast learner that will WOW everyone!






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