Frontend Server Developer

Job Description

你點子多、喜歡有設計又好用的網路程式、有開發過 web app 的經驗與知識,能寫出簡潔又效能好的程式碼。 快來加入我們應用你前端的技術能力開發有趣好玩的服務吧!

We are looking for an experienced Frontend developer to build fun and creative web app. If you are the kind of person having a lot of ideas, loving useful and well-designed app and having experience in it. Come to join us!



  • Take a major role in developing a new web app related to photos and greetings
  • Be able to create functional web pages from the designer’s design draft
  • Co-work with developers to improve PicCollage and company websites
  • Co-work with designers to make prototypes with Framer
  • Be open-minded to learn new technologies, such as React Native or Unity
  • 負責開發與照片及卡片相關的嶄新網頁應用程式
  • 具備基本的設計能力,得以根據設計師的草圖建構使用者介面
  • 與其他程式設計師合作優化PicCollage以及公司網站
  • 與設計師共同合作以Framer製作應用程式的雛型
  • 熱於學習新技術,譬如,React Native或是Unity



  • You are a developer with good design and UX sensibilities.
  • You've built websites on your own (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Experience with modern JavaScript libraries and React frameworks
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English
  • Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Experience with improving client-side performance
  • Strong computer science fundamentals
  • 負責開發與照片及卡片相關的嶄新網頁應用程式
  • 具備基本的設計能力,得以根據設計師的草圖建構使用者介面
  • 與其他程式設計師合作優化PicCollage以及公司網站
  • 與設計師共同合作以Framer製作應用程式的雛型
  • 熱於學習新技術,譬如,React Native或是Unity


Per year TWD 800,000 ~ 1,400,000



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