Actuarial Manager, Virtual Insurance

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Job Description

OneDegree is an InsurTech company, with a virtual insurer license granted by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority in 2020. Since then, we have grown quickly into the leading Hong Kong virtual insurer with an ambition to bring consumers a seamless and instant insurance and claim experience through technology. We currently offer multi-line digital insurance products, including pet, medical, fire and home insurance for individuals, and cyber security and digital asset insurance for enterprise businesses.

Want to join us and make a change? We are looking for an Actuarial Manager in building great General Insurance (for personal lines) and Health Insurance products that protect our customers and their loved ones!

If you love building winning products, come and join our team!

How to apply

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What you will be doing:

This role will have the dual responsibility of supporting the Actuarial function (reporting to a Senior Actuary) in two areas:

Product Development, Pricing and Analytics:

  • Develop and/or modify existing pricing methods, assumption development, or profitability measurements as required to keep methodologies relevant in light of changes in regulations, market conditions, capital or accounting standards
  • Develop product proposition and create unique product features to capture market opportunities.
  • Perform regular claims experience analyses by calculating exposures, incidence rates and loss ratios as well as evaluating the reliability of source information of the in-force businesses.
  • Provide pricing support for new distribution deals, new partnership opportunities, or other business development activities.

    Valuation and Capital Management:

    • Manage reserve and valuation models and assumptions for the General Insurance (P&C) businesses including but not limited to premiums, claims, expenses.. These modelling projections are then applied to compute loss ratios and profit margins under different scenarios, allowing management to evaluate the businesses’ financial status and performance.
    • Preparing actuarial-related IFRS 17 deliverables, such as model review, Financial Impact Assessment (FIA), and stress testing of the impact of chosen assumptions and policy choices.
    • Present management reporting around new and existing products and recommend corrective actions or opportunities.
    • Develop monthly IBNR and claim reserves.
    • Advise on Own Risk and Solvency Assessment for required capital and simulate scenario stress testing.
    • Coordinate with reinsurers and third-party administrators to design and define the appropriate risk appetite and the optimum level of retention with the objective of reducing volatility.
    • Review annual renewal of reinsurance treaties and make recommendations on reinsurance strategy.


        What we are looking for:

        • Start-up spirit, eager to grow and bring change to insurance industry.
        • Strong business acumen with good communication and analytical skills.
        • Intelligent, motivated self-starter with strong interpersonal skills and work ethic.
        • University degree with a major in Actuarial Science or Statistics or Mathematics
        • Qualified or part qualified from Internationally recognized Actuarial Institutions such as UK, US and Australia
        • Experience in areas such as data analysis, modelling, pricing and report-writing
        • Proven record in applying actuarial judgement in pricing work and leading discussions with business teams
        • Strong communication skills, both writing and verbal, particularly in relation to business considerations and use of non-technical jargon
        • Possess strong problem solving skills, ability to use judgement in determining solutions for wide ranges of problems, taking into consideration holistic operations of General Insurance company
        • Possess knowledge of the product landscape and reinsurance structures
        • Exposure to structured reinsurance concepts preferred
        • Good business understanding of the product development process and management of product portfolios.
        • Good command of written and spoken English and Chinese
        • Able to work independently as well as contribute effectively as a team player
        • Candidate with 5-8 years of experience is preferable; strong candidate with less experience is also welcome.

          More about us:

          • Fast-growing digital insurer working on innovative products 
          • Young and energetic team 
          • Flat organization structure 
          • Opportunities to grow and shine! 

            To us, people are our greatest asset and we are more than happy to invest in employees! We create a healthy work atmosphere and provide you with the tools and support to do your job successfully.

            We are WAVE makers – WAVE stands for Warrior, Adventurous, Visionary and Efficiency.

            We would like to be an ‘EMPLOYER OF CHOICE’!

            5 years of experience required
            500,000 ~ 1,000,000 TWD / year
            Optional Remote Work
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            Logo of OneDegree.

            About us


            OneDegree Group成立於2016年8月,旨在增強保險業務,使其更加精簡、快捷、高效。 2020年4月,我們榮幸地獲得香港保險業監管局頒發的虛擬保險公司牌照,成為一家綜合性數字保險公司。 我們為個人提供各種保險服務,包括寵物保險、人類健康保險、電子商務保險和家庭保險。 在亞洲,引入虛擬保險牌照導致對IXT保險技術解決方案的需求持續增長,我們收到了來自大型金融企業、保險公司、知名創新科技企業等多家機構的諮詢,尋求如何利用IXT團隊建立在線保險平台並推動產品創新。

            此外,我們還通過 - OneInfinity 提供全面的服務,提供數字資產保險; Cymetrics,提供網絡安全評估解決方案; OneSavie Lab 提供針對 Web3 生態系統量身定制的風險評估和管理解決方案。 這些服務面向企業,包括專業賠償、董事和高級職員 (D&O) 保險、網絡信息安全保險和數字資產保護等專業保險產品。



            OneDegree HK (B2C Insurance Service) Team

            我們的 B2C 保險產品團隊,稱為 OneDegree HK,專注於為個人和家庭提供多種保險和相關服務,包括寵物保險、家居保險、火險及重疾保險等,為客戶提供全面的保險保障。該團隊為首批獲發香港保險業監管局的虛擬保險業者許可證的保險公司之一,為個人和企業提供寵物保險、電子商務保險、家居保險、重疾保險和數字資產保險等保障。以客戶為中心,旨在確保他們的生活和財產得到最佳的保護。

            IXT (B2B Insurtech) Team

            我們的 B2B 保險科技團隊 IXT,致力加速保險產業創新腳步。IXT 現代化保險核心系統,以領先業界的技術和產業洞察,協助客戶快速且大規模地創新、升級並取得亮眼的業務績效。IXT 的開放式 API 架構,使業者能與生態系合作夥伴無縫串接、擴大保險應用場景、增加客戶及提升營收。

            Cymetrics (Cybersecurity Service) Team

            我們的資訊安全團隊Cymetrics,專注於提供全面的資安評估 SaaS 平台。團隊成員均擁有資安風險管理和滲透測試的專業知識,具有在四大管理顧問公司、台灣領導資安服務商、知名品牌原廠的豐富經驗,且積極參與國際 CTF 競賽,並曾取得世界第三名。我們服務的客戶來自不同產業,包括政府、金融、製造業、高科技和電子商務等等。我們團隊也協助集團獲得 ISO 27001 和 ISO 27017 認證,強化集團資安治理。團隊的核心價值在於創新、專業和協作,以提供高效的資安解決方案。

            OneInfinity (B2B Insurance Service) Team

            我們的數位資產保險產品團隊OneInfinity,為數位資產參與者提供保險解決方案,包括交易平台、託管機構、資產管理公司、銀行和技術供應商。所提供的服務包括數位資產錢包保險(犯罪及實物)和企業責任保險(專業人士賠償、董事和高級管理人員、投資管理及網絡)。另與Cymetrics 提供靈活的資訊安全評估,協助企業管理資安風險。

            OneSavie Lab (Web3 Service) Team

            OneSavie Lab, 一個結合 Web3與AI科技的頂尖實驗室,致力於為Web3 生態系統以及眾多參與者提供先進的智能風險監控和管理工具,包括中心化和去中心化的多元策略選擇。 OneSavie Lab的核心使命是為投資者、機構和其他虛擬資產領域的利益相關者提供全方位的支持。從代幣風險監控、資產情報分析,到Web3 的風控諮詢,我們都能提供專業、精確的服務,在新興領域為客戶護航。


            更認識我們:OneDegree Tech Blog 

            在這個技術部落格我們將會分享更多關於 OneDegree 的技術分享,歡迎你來與我們激盪更多技術交流!


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            Entry level
            30K ~ 38K TWD / month

            Mid-Senior level
            700K ~ 1.2M TWD / year

            Mid-Senior level
            900K ~ 1.6M TWD / year