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Sr. B2B Marketing Specialist / Assistant Marketing Manager

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Job Description


  • Plan and lead the promotion of our B2B cloud healthcare professional platform to expand brand awareness and improve key product metrics in Taiwan.
  • Focusing on lead generation, content creation, brand building, channel marketing, email marketing, and initiating engagement activities.
  • Identify and target relevant businesses to drive B2B leads and partnerships.
  • Work closely with the Product and Business Development team to provide B2B marketing activities and materials that best-fit business priorities and product roadmap.
  • Review all marketing channels’ performance periodically and provide qualitative and quantitative analyses to identify issues and opportunities.
  • Work with internal and external parties to create marketing content and materials for South Korea.
  • Support new market expansion. Conduct in-depth market research to understand user insights and help the manager develop feasible marketing plans and strategies.
  • Support new business initiatives and other tasks assigned by the manager.



  • Minimum four years of working experience in mobile app or SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing, including hands-on planning and execution.
  • Excellent written and spoken Chinese and English communication skills, and be able to work individually and in a team.
  • Seasoned project management skills. Can deal with complicated projects by identifying priorities and making decisions efficiently.
  • Understanding of content marketing, SEO, and analytics tools for apps and websites, including but not limited to Google Analytics/Firebase/AppsFlyer/Google Tag Manager.
  • Have a data-driven mindset, able to find relevant insights from data and identify opportunities/issues.
  • Self-starting and competent to work without continual supervision.
  • Have a user-centric mentality, always focusing on creating the best experiences and meaningful content for our users.


  • 2+ years of hands-on marketing experience in a B2B role will be preferred.
  • Intermediate level of working Korean.
  • Understanding of online advertising platforms such as Google Adsense and Meta-advertising.
  • Familiarity with Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop or any other visual editing and design-related software.
  • A startup or healthcare background and people-management experience are preferred.

Interview process

Interview Process:

  • Hiring Manager/Head of Department interview- onsite
  • Human Resource Manager interview- phone/video call
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4 years of experience required
45,000 ~ 75,000 TWD / month
Optional Remote Work
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Health2Sync 智抗糖是亞洲最大的糖尿病照護平台,旗下擁有「智抗糖 App」與「雲端智慧照護平台」兩大產品,在台灣與日本都設有辦公室,全球累計超過百萬名註冊用戶,用戶遍布台灣、美國、日本、東南亞等國家。

H2 Inc. 的兩位創辦人 Ed 與 Ken 皆出自醫生家庭,深感於家中長輩與親戚不斷受糖尿病照護與相關議題之苦,兩人決定利用自己的專業與技術,開發出能夠協助糖友更有效率管理血糖的數位工具。創辦人暨執行長 Ed Deng 畢業於美國維吉尼亞大學商學院,曾任職於雷曼兄弟投資銀行部門、富迪科技、聯發科等,對創業與投資、企業營運策略有相當熱誠。共同創辦人Ken Lai 自美國史丹佛大學資訊工程系畢業後,於美國 Oracle 擔任工程師,返台後也曾在花旗銀行、麥肯錫管理顧問公司、台灣 Yahoo 等知名公司服務。

H2 Inc.成立于2013年6月, 目前成員有50人, 目標是提供一系列結合行動/數位醫療及雲端服務的健康照護平台。公司的開發團隊占總員工數 50% 以上,我們的成員擁有多元產業背景,包括但不限於電商、遊戲、資安防毒軟體等服務全球超過一千萬日活躍用戶的知名公司。

Health2Sync 透過「個人化」及「自動化」的分析及串連關懷網路的平台,解決糖尿病照護資源不足的問題,讓更多糖友可以獲得更即時、更個人化的服務,並協助生態圈的夥伴提供更好的服務給糖友。智抗糖 App 已超過100 萬註冊用戶,最大市場為台灣,次為日本(2018 成立日本東京辦公室)。

自 2013 年成立以來,Health2Sync 陸續獲得阿里巴巴、日本保險集團 Sompo Holdings Inc. 等國際知名的投資,於產品開發層面更不斷追求產品易用性與優化:智抗糖 App 自 2017 年起連續三年獲得美國 Healthline 雜誌評選為年度十大糖尿病管理 App;Health2Sync 近年更積極和各大國際藥廠(Saonfi、Novo Nordisk、Novartis)、穿戴性裝置(Fitbit、Abbott)、保險公司(南山人壽、日本 SOMPOひまわり生命)進行深度的策略性合作。




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Mid-Senior level
950K ~ 1.7M TWD / year

Mid-Senior level
900K ~ 1.8M TWD / year