商務開發經理 Business Development Manager

Job Description


We’re looking for a Business Development Manager to join our Business Development team, to drive business growth by growing pools of Glints hiring partners, build, and develop the Business Development Team to deliver sustainable new acquisition business to the company by talking with the right authority. This person will also take part in strategizing new customer acquisition models, create new market segments expansion, and acquire and converting potential clients in Indonesia.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Lead a team of Business Development Executive/Associate, and Customer Success to achieve the quarterly acquisition target, measured by revenue, job signed and job refarmed.
  • Drive business growth by growing pools of Glints hiring partners, measured by newly acquired total companies and jobs
  • Develop both long-term sustainable SMB jobs and enterprise account acquisition strategies.
  • Build relationships with internal stakeholder to achieve the revenue target and external stakeholders toidentify opportunities for business exposure.
  • Collaborate with the other functions on ad-hoc initiatives to boost the growth of the business.

Why You Should Join Us

  • Leadership role: You will be the head of the business development team, responsible for the growth and direction of the local partners acquisition.
  • Impact: You will have the opportunity to be part of a business that positively impacts the career growth of talents across Southeast Asia

    Who We Are Looking For

      • Has min. 5 years of working experience in the business development area and 2 years of management experience.
      • Proven past experience in exceeding the individual target in terms of closing deals and gaining revenue, either in sales, account management, or similar function
      • Experience in building B2B lead/demand generation system
      • Process-driven: high attention to detail, with a process and solution-oriented mindset
      • Comfortable working with early-stage products, i.e. you work well with uncertainty and like taking responsibility
      • English is a must-have


      Base salary:年薪95萬至120萬,另有業績獎金,薪資隨公司及個人績效表現成長



      - 彈性上下班時間 & 彈性遠端工作(自選2天WFH)
      - 扁平的組織文化,溝通無阻礙
      - 與跨國同事合作機會多,開拓國際視野並體驗跨文化環境就趁現在 聽聽他們怎麼說

      - 優於勞基法的休假 + 學習假 讓你有放鬆與充電的時間~
      - Glints協助你充實自己,為你提供學習補助!
      - 照顧你們的身體,我們提供Medical Claim!
      - 讓你不用擔心電腦壞掉的維修補助~

      - 2022D輪融資總額達15億台幣!
      - 營運版圖涵蓋 新加坡 / 台灣 / 菲律賓 / 越南 / 印尼 / 馬來西亞,積極拓展日本、泰國市場
      - 獲選LinkedIn Singapore TOP 10 Startup/ Singapore fastest-growing company


      Who We Are

      At Glints, we created the Glints Culture Code: #RIIBCOH. It defines our values, guides our decisions and actions, and is what makes us special.
      Relentlessly Resourceful: Whatever it takes, just make it happen (ethically)

      Integrity: Have courage, be guided by the truth, don’t be afraid

      Impact: Missionaries, not mercenaries

      Beginners’ Mindset: Stay humble, don’t be attached to ego

      Customer Obsessed: Customers First

      Ownership: Care intensely about the mission and take responsibility

      High Standards: Dream big and deliver epic outcomes fast

      Learn more about Glints and our culture at bit.ly/glintsculture,Or check out our Careers Page at https://glints.com/careers!





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      Glints D輪募資達15億元!

      ■ 面試&履歷技巧不私藏大公開!關於職涯你該知道的事請看:Glints Blog

      3 years of experience required
      950,000 ~ 1,200,000 TWD / year
      Managing 5-10 staff
      Optional Remote Work
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      About us

      Glints 成為東南亞頂尖人才生態系
      Glints 建立東南亞頂尖的人才生態系,我們使命是協助超1.2億名專業人才的職涯成長,並幫助企業雇用東南亞各地的合適人才。自2015年於新加坡正式創立以來Glints已協助超過300萬名專業人才,至今已有超過5萬家跨國新創與企業選擇Glints的服務,包含:AIA、IKEA、GetGo、KKday與Gameloft等知名企業。今日,Glints已是人才招募與管理領域中的領導品牌,更是成長最快速的新創公司。全球據點包含印尼、馬來西亞、新加坡、越南、菲律賓、台灣等國家。

      Glints 不斷的快速發展
      Glints獲LinkedIn評選為成長最快速的新加坡新創公司之一,目前已達到D輪募資高達5,000萬美元,用於拓展Glints菲律賓人才供應庫與Glints後續的發展。與去年同期相比Glints的全年總收益與毛利率增長了2.5倍,延續過去四年每年業務成長率破百的趨勢,印尼與越南市場持續營利外,以及旗下各個生態圈的快速發展,包含:Recruitment、Managed Talent、JobSearch、ExpertClass與Community,更使Glints能協助到更多優秀的人才。

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      ■ 面試&履歷技巧不私藏大公開!關於職涯你該知道的事請看: Glints Blog

      Glints’ Growth Story by Numbers

      Glints is the leading regional talent ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Our mission is to enable the 120 million professionals in the region to grow their careers and empower organizations to hire the right talent from anywhere in Southeast Asia. Officially launched in 2015 in Singapore, Glints has empowered more than 3 million talents and 50,000 organizations to realize their human potential. Today, we stand at the forefront of human capital empowerment as the fastest-growing startup in the career development and talent recruitment space. Glints currently operates in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan. Clickhere for the full article.


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      Talent Acquisition Manager
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      Taiwan HR Manager
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      Talent Acquisition Associate
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      Talent Acquisition Associate


      Entry level
      65K ~ 110K TWD / month

      Mid-Senior level
      40K ~ 50K TWD / month