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17 Media is a world leader in live streaming and real-time content sharing mobile application for celebrities, entertainers, and influencers that allows users to create and share live streaming video and photos, and earn royalties for personal content shared.

We are a global company with users around the world. We offer a dynamic working environment and an opportunity to work in a fast-paced company working with leading edge technologies. As our distribution in Asia expands, we are seeking quality professionals to help with our rapid expansion.

We are currently hiring for Streamer Agent Specialist professionals that will take part in:

1. Find the next online celebrity in major communities or in your life

2. Through the professional business training of M17 Group, combined with different resources, create a new media star of the future.

3. Using new media to track and manage data of online opinion leaders

4. Content planning and execution of all media plans

5. Create influence by using the characteristics of different communities

6. Arrange management related work and trip invitations

17 Media, a community platform that everyone can easily use.

No matter where you are from, who you are, whether you are an internet celebrity or not, people from all walks of life can interact with the audience through 17 live broadcasts.

M17 has a professional team's operations team, with a large number of talents, each with their own duties, working together in a team to create a new generation of network opinion leaders (KOL).

If you have amazing talents, is fluent and eloquent, has good coping skills, likes to challenge new things, and have a high interest in new media and community management, you are the talent we are looking for, join us, find and build the next star of tomorrow.

亞洲即時互動體龍頭17 Media秉持讓內容創作者發光發熱的使命,提供創作者影音平台進行直播互動、節目錄製與表演的舞台,更落實健全的系統化模式,從挖掘、培訓到宣傳,致力打破傳統經紀公司的模式,並攜手橫跨娛樂、網紅經紀等產業的合作夥伴,壯大海內外發展、布局全球,引領世界進入直播新媒體世代。

17 Media 歡迎對以下工作內容有興趣的 新媒體直播顧問 加入我們的大家庭!

  1. 藉由各大社群或是在你的生活周遭中發掘下一個網路名人
  2. 透過M17集團的專業業務訓練,結合不同的資源,跨界打造未來新媒體之星
  3. 網路意見領袖在新媒體經瑩的追蹤與數據管理
  4. 所有媒體規劃的內容規劃及執行
  5. 利用不同社群的特色創造影響力
  6. 安排管理相關的工作以及行程邀約


17 Media,人人都能輕鬆操作的社群交友直播平台 無論是你是誰來自哪裡、網紅、各領域達人、明星藝人都可以透過17直播和全世界的觀眾即時互動 M17擁有專業團隊的運營團隊,團隊中擁有各界廣大人才,各執其職且團隊合作打造出新一代網路意見領袖(KOL) 如果你擁有十八般武藝、口才流利、應對能力好、喜好挑戰新事物、並且對於新媒體、社群經營有著極高的興趣


You will be highly considered if you have the following experience: 1. Good to have work experience 2. Basic document processing 3. Ability to develop deep relationships with people 4. Heavy users of new media 5. Good at listening and have a strong ability to tell stories 6. Good communication skills and adaptability 7. Experience in live streaming related industries or new media related industries 8. Business development related experience 9. Management partner experience 如果您具備以下工作技能及工作經驗,請不要猶豫立即手刀提出申請: 有工作經驗為佳 基礎文書處理 擁有與人培養深厚關係的能力 新媒體重度使用者 懂得聆聽且有超強的說故事的能力 良好的溝通能力並且能隨機應變 直播相關產業或新媒體相關產業工作經驗 業務開發相關經驗 管理合作廠商經驗


40K+ TWD/month



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About us

亞洲即時互動體龍頭17 Media 於 2015 年在台灣成立,秉持讓內容創作者發光發熱的使命,提供創作者影音平台進行直播互動、節目錄製與表演的舞台,更落實健全的系統化模式,從挖掘、培訓到宣傳,致力打破傳統經紀公司的模式,並帶給用戶更多價值、協助更多人透過直播完成夢想。我們也將成功經驗複製到其他國家,包含香港、日本、新加玻、美國等,以直播、即時互動、Live職人、直播顧問等主張,同時引領直播主與即時互動直播內容的新職業潮。 17 Media 憑藉深厚的即時互動技術底蘊,致力提供使用者最佳體驗、流暢不中斷的直播內容。除了維持現有的豐富內容產出之外,我們也致力於鞏固與合作夥伴的關係,並不斷強化該平台的內容與質量,積極擴張海外市場、培養團隊人才。17 Media 也將持續深化多元化內容經營,根扎台灣,深耕亞洲,東拓美國,放眼全球 17 Media 母公司為亞洲領先社交娛樂集團 - M17 集團,M17 集團成立於2017年4月,始於台灣17 Media與新加坡Paktor的相遇,秉持翻轉行動科技、串連全世界的共同理想,兩年來成功開創了行動影音的新世代。不僅擁有管理亞洲地區頂尖藝人及製作高品質影音內容之經驗,也擅長在亞洲地區和全球經營社交與互動娛樂平台,並攜手橫跨娛樂、網紅經紀等產業的合作夥伴,壯大海內外發展、布局全球,引領世界進入直播新媒體世代。 M17 集團目前在台灣、香港、日本、南韓、美國、新加坡、馬來西亞、印度、中東等地均設有辦公室,全球共有約 700 位員工。 M17 集團旗下品牌: 17 Media、Paktor拍拖、HandsUP舉手購物、Goodnight App、由你娛樂、MeMe直播。 相關職缺申請,請至: 17 Media is the world leader in the live streaming industry and real-time content sharing mobile application for celebrities, entertainers, and influencers. We allow users to create and share their lives through live streams and photos, all while earning royalties. We are a global company, with users in more than 50 countries. We offer a dynamic work environment, and an opportunity to collaborate with passionate individuals and leading-edge technologies. As we rapidly expand across the world, we are looking for dedicated professionals to be a part of our family, to be part of our vision to be the global champion in live media and entertainment. Click on our Careers link below to find out more.:

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